TOP 5 scary hotels in the world
Any traveler at heart is romantic. But what kind of romantic would not want to face the unknown, to feel the knowledge of secrets, to feel the atmosphere of mysticism.…

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Hotel History
The history of hotels dates back to ancient times. The first hotels were taverns, mentions of which can be found in the manuscripts of Ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Traveling…

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In which countries are the cheapest hotels
If you are planning a vacation abroad, most of us are striving for reasonable savings, because traveling is quite an expensive pleasure. For those who like to travel and take…

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Hotel chains

The basis of the global hotel business, its foundation is currently a hotel chain. It is in them that standards of service and hotel management are formed, innovations are introduced.

Hotel chains
Today in the world you can distinguish about several hundred different hotel chains. The networks have various scales: there are giant corporations whose hotels are located in all corners of the earth, there are smaller and very small chains, including 3-5 hotels. The names of the largest hotel chains are heard by tourists. A rare person who is not even keen on travel has not heard of such brands as Radisson, Best Western, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton. Continue reading

Demand for hotels near the metro in Moscow

The location of the hotel near the metro is a very competitive advantage for business. Since there are a lot of metro stations in Moscow, we decided to conduct a study and identify which metro stations are most in demand for hotels.

Demand for hotels near the metro
In order to get the necessary information, we used the service of statistics of search queries from the largest search engine in Russia – Yandex. Each search query was compiled using the formula “metro” + “metro station name” + “hotel”.

The results of the study may be useful to novice hotel businessmen in terms of assessing the competitive field and demand.

Data presented for March 2015. Key phrases with a frequency of demand per month of more than 30 are selected in the resulting table. Continue reading

The highest hotels in the world

Yeti Mountain Home Kongd Hotel in Nepal

Yeti Mountain Home Kongd.

Location height: 4770 m above sea level.

According to rumors, this hotel is located in an area inhabited by a real Bigfoot. You can only get to the hotel by helicopter, while observing the beauty of New Zealand’s glaciers, in particular, the highest mountain itself: Mount Cook. Continue reading

Avoiding Hotel Troubles
Even in the most luxurious hotel, troubles await you: a broken shower or air conditioning, lack of hot or cold water, problems with the door lock and many, many others.…


Medical tourism
Medical tourism is a special area in the tourism industry. It is a journey not only to get acquainted with the new state and relax, but also to receive qualified…


Discounts for group accommodation in Russian Apartments
Are you going to come to the capital with a big company? Planning to attend a soccer world cup with many fan friends? Does your company hold a visiting conference…


Hotels for applicants
Every summer, many school graduates from the regions come to the capital to try their hand and enter the best universities in our country. And of course, they are faced…