Hotel interiors. Development trends
Along with the quality of service, a variety of additional services and other factors, the starryness of a hotel is also affected by the interior decoration of rooms and common…

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Economy Hotel Room
The largest share among the hotel rooms of the world is occupied by economy-class rooms. Despite the established standards, there is a significant difference between the different rooms of economy…

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Family friendly hotels near metro
Many of us travel around Russia and the world with our families. Whether it’s a summer vacation or a short weekend trip, family tourists have high demands on the hotel.…

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Room rates in hotels in Moscow

When planning a trip or business trip to the capital, we most often wonder about the cost of a room in a hotel in Moscow. For many travelers, this is a determining factor in choosing a hotel. In order not to spoil your vacation, you need to at least roughly understand the order of prices for hotels in Moscow.

The cost of a hotel room in Moscow

What is the cost of a room in Moscow
Moscow is a huge metropolis. This city has thousands of hotels, hostels, hotels. All have different room rates. The minimum price is 500 rubles per night. This is the cost of spending the night in a hostel, where you will most likely be offered a bed in the room. If you want a separate room, you need to focus on the price of 1500 rubles.

The location of the hotel greatly affects the cost of a room. For example, hotels in the center can be several times more expensive than hotels on the outskirts. Continue reading

Where to stay in Moscow

Moscow is a huge modern metropolis, where a large number of people arrive daily. It is not difficult to guess that the number of offers of various hotels, hotels, hostels corresponds to increased demand. We will help you choose the most profitable option and tell you where to stay in Moscow best.

Where to stay in Moscow
As usual, choose where to stay in Moscow
Whatever the guest of the capital, when choosing a place to stay, three main parameters are always evaluated one way or another: quickly, efficiently, inexpensively.

What do these parameters mean for hotels and hotels?

“Fast” – this means that the guest of the capital should spend a minimum of time searching for the hotel, the path to it and check-in. Continue reading

Hotels for students in the center

Studentship is a time not only for hard study, but also for exciting travels. Students are not yet burdened with the problems of adulthood and can easily afford a short trip. Students actively visit other cities and countries, not only for entertainment, but also for participation in seminars, conferences, exchange programs and volunteer movements. And the question before everyone is where to live. At the same time, students are looking for cheap hotels or hostels, since it is impossible to travel with a scholarship with chic.

Hotels for students in the center
We offer you an excellent budget hotel option for students. To save on hotel accommodation, book rooms in mini-hotels “Russian apartments”. Continue reading

Mobile hostel
The hotel business is developing from year to year. More and more innovative projects and modern technologies are being introduced into the hotel industry. One of the interesting and significant…


The hotel market in Russia today
A popular directory of organizations 2 GIS published interesting facts about hotels in Russia. To conduct the study, experts took information on more than six thousand hotels in our country.…


Hotels for applicants
Every summer, many school graduates from the regions come to the capital to try their hand and enter the best universities in our country. And of course, they are faced…


Hotel chains
The basis of the global hotel business, its foundation is currently a hotel chain. It is in them that standards of service and hotel management are formed, innovations are introduced.…