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Hotels for the New Year. The best hotels of Lapland
New Year is a warm family holiday, but since there is a whole week off, why not spend it on a trip. Well, traveling on New Year's most logical home…

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Hotels for students in the center
Studentship is a time not only for hard study, but also for exciting travels. Students are not yet burdened with the problems of adulthood and can easily afford a short…

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Hourly pay for hotels in Moscow
Hourly pay for hotels in Moscow is gaining more and more popularity in both large and small hotels. The payment model for a day of residence, although it remains the…

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Hotel Search Services

To make your trip as convenient as possible, we have prepared for you an overview of the search services for selecting a hotel. Unlike booking services, a search engine will allow you to find hotels in the place you need, compare prices and living conditions and, in the end, choose the most suitable option. Search sites, unlike booking sites, have a serious advantage: their database is not limited, while the number of offers on booking sites is limited and depends on the conditions of cooperation with hotels and the number of partner hotels.

We offer the top 5 hotel search services worldwide: (formerly HotelsCombined) is one of the most popular hotel search services. It is an aggregator and collects accessible information from other sites. Continue reading

Mobile hostel

The hotel business is developing from year to year. More and more innovative projects and modern technologies are being introduced into the hotel industry. One of the interesting and significant projects for the industry was the appearance on the market of mobile hostels.

In general, a hostel is an inexpensive hotel with minimal amenities and a low level of service. In the hostel, as a rule, there are no private rooms, bathrooms and shared showers. The main purpose of the hostel is to give the guest the opportunity to sleep on a separate bed in the warmth and under a real roof. Hostels are popular among students, travelers, large organized groups of tourists. Continue reading

Hotels for the New Year. The best hotels of Lapland

New Year is a warm family holiday, but since there is a whole week off, why not spend it on a trip. Well, traveling on New Year’s most logical home to Santa Claus in Lapland. About which hotel is better to stay in Lapland and this article will be.

In ninth place is the Hotel Otava, which is located in the center of the resort of Leva. The cozy hotel is known for its views of the ski slopes and modest, but quality service.

Hotel Otava
In eighth place is the Tornion Hotel Kaupunginhotelli in Tornio. The hotel is conveniently located close to all the main attractions of the town and offers guests, in addition to standard services, a golf course, an indoor pool and a sauna. Continue reading

Hotels in the trees

The fewer unexplored corners in our modern world, the greater the demand for nature and solitude. In this article, we have collected amazing hotels located on trees. The best places for unity with nature and calm thinking not to come up with.

1. Treehotel, Harads

The hotel is located in northern Sweden in Lapland. The hotel rooms are surreal metal structures covered with mirror glass. Designs are installed around the tree and reflect the surrounding nature.

2. Manali Tree House Cottages Hotel

The hotel is located in the Kulu Valley in hot India. The main attraction of the hotel is one of the buildings, made in the form of a treehouse. Surrounded by orchards and lush tropical vegetation create the feeling of a fairy tale. Continue reading

Cave Hotels

Among the hundreds of thousands of hotels in the world, it is very difficult to choose something really special. For those who want to surprise themselves, we have prepared a selection of hotels in the caves.

1. Hotel Perivolas, Greece

Located on the volcanic island of Santorini. The hotel has 17 rooms, which are located in a three hundred year old grotto. Each room has a terrace, a living room and a kitchen. Household appliances in the rooms at least, but each room offers an unusual view of the sunset in the Aegean.

2. Hotel Museum Hotel, Turkey

Located in Cappadocia in the underground labyrinths created by nature and time. The hotel is famous for many artifacts of different cultures, which the owner carefully collects and shows to guests. Continue reading

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