Hotel doorman
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Hotels in the trees
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The scariest hotels in the world

Probably every hotel located in an old building or built many years ago has its own unique and rich history. But there are places in the world where history was so cruel that it forever left its bloody imprint on them.

1. Crescent Hotel

Crescent hotel

A hotel in the USA, which today is considered one of the most haunted. Experts note about eight ghosts, constantly reminding themselves in this mystical place. Hotel guests most often speak of it as a terrible place with a very scary and depressing atmosphere.

Old-timers associate the notoriety of the hotel with the hospital, which used to be located in its building. The hospital was known for treating cancer patients with substandard methods. In the hotel you can see the ghosts of doctors and patients who, at times, seem completely real.

2. Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel

Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel

An old hotel located in Canada in the Banff National Park. Even the magnificent architecture and picturesque area cannot appease the ancient evil that settled in the building. One of the most creepy rooms in the hotel was number 873, which was tightly walled up after the prints of children’s hands began to appear regularly on the walls of the room.

3. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

A hotel in Los Angeles, in which eyewitnesses watched the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. many skeptics do not believe in this story, but guests regularly complain that the ghost appears by the pool in the hotel’s night club. Apparently, the actress loved this club during her lifetime. Another resident of the hotel from the other world is the ghost of actor Montgomery Clift. Guests on the ninth floor often hear the sounds of a copper musical instrument on which the actor liked to play.

4. Hoshi Ryokan

Hoshi ryokan

A Japanese hotel that has been owned by one whole 46 generations. The building is inhabited by ancient spirits related, according to experts, to the 14th century. The hotel is covered in many different legends. The building still holds magical artifacts from different eras, each with its own unique history. Combined with its gloomy location, the Hoshi Ryokan Hotel is rightly considered the worst in Japan.

5. Rose Hall Great House

Rose hall great house

Hotel in Jamaica. Currently, it does not function as intended, but conducts regular excursions in the daytime and at night. The building was built by John Palmer, whose unlucky descendant, according to legend, married the beautiful Englishwoman Anna. According to the legend, Anna, being out of her mind, killed her husband and then two more of her subsequent husbands. The ghost of Anna Palmer, whom the locals nicknamed the “White Witch,” still lives in Rose Hall today. Eyewitnesses also talk about the ghosts of Anna’s murdered husbands, who cannot find peace and crave revenge.

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