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Hotels for the New Year. The best hotels of Lapland
New Year is a warm family holiday, but since there is a whole week off, why not spend it on a trip. Well, traveling on New Year's most logical home…

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Hotels for the New Year. The best hotels of Lapland

New Year is a warm family holiday, but since there is a whole week off, why not spend it on a trip. Well, traveling on New Year’s most logical home to Santa Claus in Lapland. About which hotel is better to stay in Lapland and this article will be.

In ninth place is the Hotel Otava, which is located in the center of the resort of Leva. The cozy hotel is known for its views of the ski slopes and modest, but quality service.

Hotel Otava
In eighth place is the Tornion Hotel Kaupunginhotelli in Tornio. The hotel is conveniently located close to all the main attractions of the town and offers guests, in addition to standard services, a golf course, an indoor pool and a sauna.

Hotel Tornion Kaupunginhotelli
In seventh place is the Aurora Chalet Hotel in Lousto. The hotel has an unusually warm atmosphere and the ability to observe the server shine from its windows.

Aurora chalet
Sixth place is occupied by the Sokos hotel. The hotel consists of three buildings stylized for summer, autumn and Lapland night. Panoramic windows, a traditional sauna and delicious national cuisine await guests at this hotel.

Hotel Sokos

In fifth place is the Scandic Luosto Hotel, which is located in the city of Luosto. The hotel has a rather large number of rooms in 59 rooms and a wide range of services.

Hotel Scandic Luosto Hotel
Fourth place is the hotel Santasport Institute. This hotel is located on a mountainside and is famous for its multifunctional wellness center.

Hotel Santasport Institute
Third place at the Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna in the town of Saareselkä. The proximity to Ivalo airport and truly magnificent nature attract tourists from all over the world.

Hotel Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna
The second place is occupied by the Holiday Club Salla hotel, which is located in the snow of the Salla ski resort among the numerous fjords of Lapland. Despite the remoteness from large settlements and the apparent primitiveness of the surrounding area, the hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay of a modern person: internet access, a spa and even a small supermarket.

Hotel Holiday Club Salla
In the first place is the Holiday Club Hotel Saariselka. The northernmost hotel in Europe – Holiday Club Saariselka – is located among the picturesque mountain slopes of Lapland, a twenty-minute drive from Urho Kekkonen National Park. About two hundred and thirty kilometers of ski routes were laid in Kekkonen Park, including an illuminated forty-kilometer ski track.

Hotel Holiday Club Saariselka
Guests can enjoy other activities that are traditional in the Finnish north: snowmobiling, dog sledding safaris and snowshoeing.

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