Discounts for group accommodation in Russian Apartments
Are you going to come to the capital with a big company? Planning to attend a soccer world cup with many fan friends? Does your company hold a visiting conference…

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Foreigners in hotels
International tourism plays an important role in the global economy. It is hard to imagine, but more than 9% of global GDP is generated by international tourism. The face of…

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Cave Hotels
Among the hundreds of thousands of hotels in the world, it is very difficult to choose something really special. For those who want to surprise themselves, we have prepared a…

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approval and execution

Mini hotel with kitchen

Choosing a mini-hotel, many guests pay attention to the presence of a kitchen. Along with standard parameters, such as price for accommodation and convenient location, the availability of kitchen in a mini-hotel is becoming an important factor for an increasing number of guests.

mini hotel with kitchen

What is attractive kitchen in a mini-hotel?
Not everyone can afford to eat in restaurants, where prices, at times, are not at all affordable. The kitchen makes it possible to provide yourself with a delicious dinner at low cost.

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Hotel History

The history of hotels dates back to ancient times. The first hotels were taverns, mentions of which can be found in the manuscripts of Ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Traveling in those distant times was long, the speed of movement is small, and unfamiliar lands are dangerous. Travelers eagerly paid for any roof over their heads, where you can relax on the go. Demand, as you know, creates supply, and on main roads inns began to grow like mushrooms. It does not take several centuries, as the inns are segmented by the level of service. There are those where a person cannot stop without a special document confirming his high status.

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Hotels for families with children

Traveling with children requires parents to plan their trip more carefully. First of all, you need to think about what things to take with you. Then – what type of transport to choose, because children often do not tolerate a long tiring ride. And, of course, take care of which hotel you will live in. It is necessary to choose a hotel so that both you and the children feel comfortable at home and do not feel constrained.

Children at the hotel
What should be in hotels for families with children?
First, pay attention to the convenient location of the hotel. It must have good transport accessibility. Check how far the hotel is from the train station or airport and how far it is from public transport. Continue reading

Attributes of a modern hotel
In the courtyard of the 21st century, the pace of life accelerated, the quality improved. Many concepts have disappeared from our lives, remaining only in memory. Others, on the contrary,…


Conference rooms in hotels
One of the main tasks in organizing business events is to find a suitable venue for their holding. Very large companies can have their own site. Medium, and even more…


Hotels for applicants
Every summer, many school graduates from the regions come to the capital to try their hand and enter the best universities in our country. And of course, they are faced…


The hotel market in Russia today
A popular directory of organizations 2 GIS published interesting facts about hotels in Russia. To conduct the study, experts took information on more than six thousand hotels in our country.…