What can not be done in hotels
To stay in a hotel or hotel left only a pleasant impression, you should always remember that you are at a party, not at home. Respect for other people's work,…

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Hotels for tourists in Moscow
There are a lot of hotels in Moscow. However, there are not so many hotels ideal for tourists. First of all, this situation is associated with the particular needs of…

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Top most remote hotels. Hotels in the wilderness
Hotels located far from civilization have one very big advantage: people can hide from the hustle and bustle of the city, stay closer to nature and enjoy the silence. That…

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hotels expand the possibilities

Demand for hotels near the metro in Moscow

The location of the hotel near the metro is a very competitive advantage for business. Since there are a lot of metro stations in Moscow, we decided to conduct a study and identify which metro stations are most in demand for hotels.

Demand for hotels near the metro
In order to get the necessary information, we used the service of statistics of search queries from the largest search engine in Russia – Yandex. Each search query was compiled using the formula “metro” + “metro station name” + “hotel”.

The results of the study may be useful to novice hotel businessmen in terms of assessing the competitive field and demand.

Data presented for March 2015. Key phrases with a frequency of demand per month of more than 30 are selected in the resulting table. Continue reading

Hotels for travelers in Moscow

Going on a business trip to the capital, it is important to worry in advance about where you have to live during a business trip. Among the many hundreds of hotels in Moscow, it is sometimes difficult for an inexperienced traveler to make the right choice.

Business trip
A business trip involves work, and this, in turn, imposes certain requirements on living conditions. In addition to photos, reviews, official contact details, when choosing a hotel for a business trip, you should pay attention to:

The location of the hotel. Moscow is a huge city, and sometimes at rush hour it becomes quite difficult to get from one end of the city to the other. Continue reading

Hotel interiors. Development trends

Along with the quality of service, a variety of additional services and other factors, the starryness of a hotel is also affected by the interior decoration of rooms and common areas. Therefore, without exception, all hotels are very careful in choosing the design of rooms, halls, conference rooms and even toilets.

Hotel Interior
For example, hotel chains strictly monitor that in each of their hotels in any corner of the world all rooms are made to the same standards. Colors, coatings, furniture, textiles – everything will correspond to the style chosen once during creation.

As a rule, the interior design throughout the hotel corresponds to the general concept and is made in the same style. Continue reading

The most romantic hotels to celebrate Valentine's Day
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Hotel History
The history of hotels dates back to ancient times. The first hotels were taverns, mentions of which can be found in the manuscripts of Ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Traveling…


Mobile hostel
The hotel business is developing from year to year. More and more innovative projects and modern technologies are being introduced into the hotel industry. One of the interesting and significant…


Hourly pay for hotels in Moscow
Hourly pay for hotels in Moscow is gaining more and more popularity in both large and small hotels. The payment model for a day of residence, although it remains the…